Tuesday, January 29, 2013

You never know what will quack you up!!!

Ok most people that know me , know I love birds , I think I said this in a previous Bird Related Blog.

 So I must tell you that I get extremely happy when I get the opportunity to meet a new kind....and this weekend was one just  such occasion   when in a pond near the Hatteras Light House , I spied for my first time these amazingly gorgeous ducks called Ring neck ducks...with their striking black, gray and white markings and their diving capabilities make them a "hoot" ? to watch.   Now I must tell you it was freezing cold ....but I stood and watched and took pictures as long as I could stand it and feel I was blessed with a couple good shots....not as cool as beavers skating on ice as my friend Ann Cameron Siegal ...but next time...So below are some pictures of "THE DUCKS".

Locals call these Bluebills.

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