Thursday, January 3, 2013

Bodie Island Lighthouse

This is my favorite Lighthouse, it was the first one I had ever experienced that was in 1979, and just love the area surrounding it ...Nature is in abundance up and down the trails , there is a lookout over the marshlands behind the lighthouse and overall it is just a great place to spend the day, have a picnic take long walks and enjoy one of Outer Banks treasures.  Recently renovated , although no climbing is allowed and its light is still being repaired, she is back to her beautiful , magnificient self.

There is a trail , I think is still open for walking that takes you back into the marsh and you can see skimmers flying, walk around a curve into the face of a giant egret , my first experience there that happened...what a exquisite bird.  Old bridges cross over inlets and creeks where there is an abundance of critters from little crabs, birds of all kinds...snakes and more.  Take a camera you never know when you might be gifted with the opportunity to meet a giant egret up close and personal.

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