Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Mystical Magical Sunset

I just had to share a few pics of this was so amazing....the colors made you feel the heat even tho it was really cold  out there.  But I just endured and took some really mystical photos ...hope you feel the same energy I felt while I took them.  I took these from Windmill Point site in Nags Head.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

You never know what will quack you up!!!

Ok most people that know me , know I love birds , I think I said this in a previous Bird Related Blog.

 So I must tell you that I get extremely happy when I get the opportunity to meet a new kind....and this weekend was one just  such occasion   when in a pond near the Hatteras Light House , I spied for my first time these amazingly gorgeous ducks called Ring neck ducks...with their striking black, gray and white markings and their diving capabilities make them a "hoot" ? to watch.   Now I must tell you it was freezing cold ....but I stood and watched and took pictures as long as I could stand it and feel I was blessed with a couple good shots....not as cool as beavers skating on ice as my friend Ann Cameron Siegal ...but next time...So below are some pictures of "THE DUCKS".

Locals call these Bluebills.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Moon rises and moon shots....

There are all kinds of Moon Sayings , like in "Its A Wonderful Life"  George Bailey offers to Lasso the moon for his girlfriend, then there are people who tell people to shout it to the moon and back...
People have been known to howl at the moon , especially full moons for no apparent reason...(other than a few drinks or a dare).  But we in North Carolina , feel we have the best moon rises ever, you just cannot beat a Carolina it rises over the beautiful ocean reflecting it moon beams across the waves to the wet sand and into our hearts and souls.

So recently I took to trying how to capture the moon in photos and while I still have some more learning ...I have improved....I feel enough that I choose to share these moon pics with you.