Sunday, January 20, 2013

Wanchese Fishing Village

Wanchese is a little old fishing village located on the south end of Roanoke Island.  Almost all of the families have worked their lives either catching or processing or selling the gifts from the sea.  It is hard work and they are not afraid of it.  I was fortunate enough to move to the village last October and decided to drive down one foggy morning this past week...  While there was a quiet hustle and bustle going on , trucks being loaded at Wanchese Fish House and fisherman readying their boats was ghostly with the thick fog, but every where you looked there were bright spots of colors. The floats on the crab boats, and the crab pots stacked in their bright colors with their floats...the boats at the docks waiting for their day to begin.

The Blue Fin

Crab Boats waiting patiently? for work...

Fisherman's Wharf Restaurant
volunteer shore patrol local pelicans and cormorants more commonly know as loons

Love this boat's name ...there is Good News every day...

Harbor Master???

 But some of the photos I shot harken back to the days before now ..and make me think I am looking at ghost or vision from the past.  So enjoy this little walk about Wanchese and next time you want some delicious seafood...come to downtown Wanchese and buy it fresh off the docks...Gray Beard's has great shrimp and flounder and there are so many more places such as Capt. Malc's , a new little restaurant called The Landing that just opened for Breakfast and Lunch  at 4447 Mill Landing Road.  Just take a ride around the loop and see all history that lives here.

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