Monday, April 20, 2015

Death of Hatteras Island Legacy

I first went to the Outer Banks in 1979, this piece of Paradise immediately took over my soul and has never left.   I moved there to live because of the amazing people , the ocean, the wildlife and the opportunities to interact with the most beautiful place on earth.  I lived there for 15 years , I hope to return soon ,I miss it.

But in 2008 , a dangerous murderous group of people discovered Hatteras and a few birds and now Hatteras is on Oxygen trying to survive the suffocation of the People there, People who have always been the guardians of this piece of Paradise , the birds, the beaches, and everything that was their life.

The Environmentalists? with the help of a uncaring Judge named Terrence Boyle, shut the beaches down because of a few misplaced birds, a manufactured reason.  What is the purpose of such government inflicted pain? Greed , lack of understanding of what a legacy of families means to this area. Since 2008 ,50 long standing Family  businesses have been forced to close, foreclosures threaten hundreds more, people are having to leave because they cannot financially live there any more, families who have been there generations who hoped to pass on their livelihood  to their children as it had been to them.

But visitors who always came to fish on the beaches don't come, when the beaches are closed by the government for a manufactured reason.  They don't rent houses, go to restaurants and visit the galleries and gift shops.  That is how the people of Hatteras Live, they choose to serve the tourists and help the Outer Banks be enjoyed by thousands of people every year who have never experienced such Paradise or who have and love it so much they make the trek back every year , bringing their children, their grandchildren , their great grandchildren. 

What is the draw , its the peace that existed before the government and so-called environmentalists decided they knew better, that animals had rights, but that is not correct , only birds have rights, if you are a fox or raccoon or otter you will be killed or inhumanely trapped and killed by the government for the sake of the nine pairs of birds that accidentally located on Hatteras.  There are thousands of indigenous wildlife killed daily by the government.

So now the government is using YOUR TAX DOLLARS  to Displace American Citizens that pay those taxes , that have done nothing wrong but to love where they live and love sharing it with the visitors that come to experience the finest beach fishing areas in the United States.

So call your politicians let them know this is wrong, stop supporting the Environmental groups? such as Audubon , that are only for themselves , not the birds, and certainly not people they feel are worthy of a hard fought lifestyle.   Audubon was donated a huge lot of acreage in the Corolla/Carova area by Legacy Family so it would be protected , and Audubon deemed it was not worthy of its time or efforts and they sold the land for development.  One of the same groups who claim to care about 9 pairs of birds in Hatteras.  SELC is a group whose only purpose is to make money for themselves by filing community crippling law suits that endangers lives , such as the Oregon Inlet Bridge , the old bridge is deteriorating and has been closed leaving the people of Hatteras cut off from civilization.
Do Not let the sunset on the Hatteras People...

SO HELP HATTERAS...they need CPR ....CARING PEOPLE RESPONDING!!! to help them save
Hatteras and their homes.

Watch this Video written by Kevin Hicks and produced by The Hatteras people and see the pain and heartbreak they are experiencing.  If you think this does not affect you , please think again, once a government plays games at the stake of people they will not  just Stop  there .


p.s.  I feel the background agenda is to take over the Hatteras Island and make it a pay by entry money maker for the government as they have done other Natural Parks , i.e Blue Ridge Parkway, and beyond.