Friday, January 9, 2015

Hello there !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello there !!!!!!!!!!!

 Just a quick Hi to let you know a little about me if you are just finding me for the first time. I had a father that was an artist and he started teaching me classic art when I was 4 years. He taught me how to draw still lifes, drawing animals , and cartooning. When I reached about 10 years old I discovered my Mom's 1956 Singer and started sewing. At 13 I started creating stuffed animals from whatever I could find, there was a pink elephant , that was not my finest moment but made me decide I could create my own patterns and so I did. At age 15 I started making and selling my own line of stuffed animals, dolls and what evers. I was a working Teddy Bear Artist for the next 20 plus years with my own patterns and working Big Teddy Bear Shows in Timonium Maryland and Savage Mill , Maryland .I was able to stay home  raise my children because of these and other creative outlets. Teddy Bears take between 4 to 16-20 hours to make from start to finish and are not easy. But my hands finally gave out, more my wrists ,and I had to learn to do something new. So I started making Native American Inspired Leather bags, Medicine bags and selling Crystals and stones and treasures to go with them.This is where my Love of Bead Weaving came into play. I managed a Native American Supply Store , where I dealt with beads every day, leather, pelts, and more. I met some awesome people and found a path. In 1999 after returning from a Pow Wow I moved from Alexandria where I was born and raised to the Outer Banks of NC, in 2000 my oldest daughter and I opened a bead store that taught free jewelry making classes. Ocean Beads was my way to earn a living for 5 years. I have always made art, whether it was jewelry, teddy bears , art quilts Creating art is my life. I love fabrics and sewing, I use my trusty sewing Machine "Stitches" to create my small fabric paintings. fabric postcards, fabric jewelry, wall quilts, and more. Now I need to ramp up my sales so that once again I can support myself selling my art. So if you need a gift, for yourself or for a friend or family check out what I have or ask me to custom design something for you. I have earned my name Fairy Godmother over the years because I really can make wishes come true.

  You can buy or order my art from My SHOP here Fairy Godmother Arts

Mohair Bear named Samuel ...size 18 inches completely jointed (Moveable) Onyx glass eyes , hand embroidered nose my own original pattern.

Bead Weaving

#1 Art Necklace, Seaside Sun...created with a collection of seed beads I had squirreled away from age 10

#2 Art Necklace ...sewn one bead at a time , no pattern, size 11/0 beads over 70 plus hours to make it

A demonstration and class I did at Frisco Native American Museum in Frisco, NC on Hatteras Island of the Outer Banks of North Carolina.
Bead Work demonstration

A day at the Frisco Native American Museum where I was part of the Journey Home Gatherings starting in 1999 this one was in 2010

Some of my Fabric Post Cards
One of my mermaid art dolls

Part of my collection of fabric postcards I have received from all over the world since 2000, and that inspired my love of mailable art.

One of my booth set ups at the annual Dare County Arts Council Artrageous in the Outer Banks

This piece was hand sewn as a commission piece I made for the manager of Caring House in Durham when my husband was fighting cancer and we were guests there for almost 12 weeks
This was a Art Quilt I created using my PAS technique that sold in the SAQA , Studio Art Quilts Association, in 2010.

One of my fabric postcards

Fabric Poetry for swap

Heart Artist Trading Cards I made and gave away to cancer patients at Duke when my husband was undergoing treatment there.  I would make them during the long hours of waiting

Another piece for a swap

Some of my Metal free Bead Woven Jewelry