Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Island Farm on North End of Roanoke Island

 I drive a big yellow school bus for Dare County, I  have for over a year...and I love seeing my  kids every morning.  My Route is on the north end of Roanoke Island so I get to drive by the Island Farm a few times a day.  I always enjoy seeing the animals and how they just hang out chilling , eating and resting.   Charlie the Ox, is a very handsome fellow...and the sheep belong to  local weaver, Beth Burns,

While the Farm is closed for the season there are still opportunities to see the animals and create some art from the inspiration you will find there.  Plan on visiting the Farm when it reopens in the Spring, until then take a walk on the pathway every one enjoys and say hi to Charlie and the Island Farm Critter brigade.
 Charlie the Ox                            

                                         The Windmill from the  Old Windmill Point Restaurant moved there last year.

The farm buildings across the street which you can see Local Volunteers performing old farm techniques when the Farm is open.  A very enjoyable place for the kids and parents alike. 

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