Monday, July 11, 2016

Frisco Native American Museum ...It takes a Group of Volunteers to....

Build a Village !!!!

And this past weekend that is what took place in Hatteras Island, NC. 

A group of people who love and support the Frisco Native American Museum came together and started in working on the Long house which required multiple metal pipes to be covered in epoxy by hand one clump at a time molded to look like wood.   After they dry they are to be stained and will look like wood , but will last longer....than real wood.   By the time I and Bob left on Saturday it was beginning to take shape...with the side posts installed and the roof struts put in place.   See the pictures below.


Also taking place to help with the Village were people learning to weave cattail mats out of the leaves of cattails.   They are first dried after harvest and then to make them malleable to weave are soaked in plain water.  It is a basic in and out process that we worked with on Saturday, but was very impressive looking. 

Finally , Clay Pottery was on the agenda ,  clay pots  were formed in different methods, pinch pot, coil and freeform slab as well as beads to be used for decoration and jewelry.   Everyone had a wonderful time creating and visiting with new and old friends.







I created Three Sisters Porridge for lunch , which is a base of Roasted Butternut Squash, Corn and Lima Beans...with a little modern day seasoning of Garlic.  It was delish...

Three Sisters Native American Planting

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Alligator River Wildlife Refuge Tram Tour April 9 2016

The weather held off rain wise, but it was a  brisk wind wise and temperature...

The visitors five adults and one child , proved to be hearty souls that braved the circumstances in hopes of seeing Alligator River Wildlife. Alas it was not meant to be , we sighted a few turtles, a turkey , but no bears . The farmers were at work in the fields where the bears tend to roam and so Mama Bear kept the kids home. 

But the Botanicals on the wild side decided to show themselves far and wide.  The Ferns were in fine fiddlehead stages ...different plants in different gauges.  The feathery Bracken Fern, and the robust Chain Fern  (see pictures below)

But the star of the day was the Blue Swamp Flag...there were many bogs of leaves but only one was showing color ...such pretty wild flowers to view on a blustery day.  Blue Flag

There were animal tracks to be seen...bobcat...raccoon ....Ms. Cindy Rader Heffley concurred.
Cindy Rader Heffley   pointing to a Bobcat track

Bobcat track

Looking for more animal tracks and scat

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The Plant Man
Trumpet Honeysuckle Trumpet Honeysuckle a favorite of Hummingbirds

Loblolly pine new growth


Carolina Jasmine

Eiddle Head Stage of new ferns called for the resemblance of the leaf before it unfurls of a violin or fiddle head

Chain  Fern
Bracken Fern

ferns in Fiddlehead stage

Local Eastern Paint Turtles
Yellow Belly Slider
Bob Glennon Refuge Volunteer
Talking about the wildlife refuge and its uniqueness

Farmers working the fields kept Mama Bear at home