Sunday, August 28, 2016

Alligator River Wildlife Refuge..August 19, 2016 .Awesome Bear Day

The last two weeks of the tram tours were really great for Bears. This one started with a rainbow so I should have known we were in for a treat .  We started with a bear I call Slo-joe , I have had 4 encounters with him just slowly strolling down Sawyer Road taking his own sweet time. 

The last bear was the big one who decided to take a little dip ...So I will only post a few photos of the was hard to get photos for me because he was so close I could not safely get out of the truck .   But I enjoyed his face as he tested the water and then sat down to cool off
Clear sky Rainbow to start the day

Slo-Joe coming for a walk

Taking a Stroll

Yellow bellied slider wearing a duck weed dress

Black Vulture
Black Vulture

The gold at the end of the trip...

Friday, August 26, 2016

Alligator River Wildlife Refuge August 12, 2016 Down the gray gravel road

We had good weather and in our second stop saw some great animal tracks....Pictures of Cindy Heffley  leading our largest group of Nature loving guests .  As the day went on we were able to see a few fun things  a couple of bears off in the distance and the Bob Whites : I.e. Quails were quite vocal.
Down the gray gravel road
Cindy showing the guests Bear tracks

guests taking pics of the bear tracks

Some of our beautiful scenery


Pepper Bush

Buffalo City and Sawyer Road corner

Alligator River Wildlife Refuge August 25,2016 Bears!

The weather was nice the bears set their alarms for snooze  so by the time they got up  we were touring the tram on its last weekly summer trip. Lots of guests and Bob Glennon as the Tram Guide and  of course I was driving.   I will let the pictures speak for themselves ... 

I see the moon ...

Beautiful Hawk waiting for a snack
Sawyer Road ....let us see some bears

Yellow Bellied Sliders enjoying a Sunny Log

This big guy was just walking along after he disappeared into the woods he walked along the edge of the trail where we could still see him poke his head out now and then .

Some of our guests looking for animal tracks.

A Yearling Cub checking us out

These Photos are of a Mom and her two cubs we had seen them from Sawyer Road and they headed into the corn fields,
When we came down Twiford Road they were headed back to were we first spotted them.  The Cub was helping mom keep an eye on us....the other cub was laying low.

It was a good bear day