Wednesday, July 26, 2017

When you visit the OUTER BANKS ...enjoy your time ...but be SAFE!!!



There are wonderful adventures awaiting you when you visit need to be careful and understand that you are not invincible and neither are your children or pets.  If you are not familiar with the areas you are visiting ask questions.   It only takes a split second for tragedy to strike, and for all the memories to be destroyed by grief.

I am writing this because I am hoping it will help save a life ! 



If you want to spend the day at the beach , please watch the following video I borrowed about RIP CURRENTS.  

It could save your life ...or your children.   Please except the fact that you have to watch over your children ...they do not know the dangers and after the last week , four lives were lost because the people did not exercise the necessary cautions in enjoying the Paradise we call the Outer Banks.

What to do and how to tell there are RIP CURRENTS


Another accident happened when someone was Tubing on the sound and he fell off , unfortunately he was not wearing a life vest, which could have saved his life.  It would have kept him afloat and they would have been able to save him.  Ego or laziness should never get in the way of common sense , none of are invincible.

WEAR LIFE VESTS ...PUT THEM ON YOUR CHILDREN   Even at the beach...a minor inconvenience could save a life.


Pets are not allowed on many beaches during the summer , so please make arrangements for them to be safe.  DO NOT LEAVE them in a HOT CAR.


Please do not dig or let your children dig holes deeper than a foot, we have had people die from holes that caved in on them and buried them alive.  Again a preventable accident .

Also it is important to the Sea Turtles and other wildlife for those holes to be taken care of.


Our Wild Horses need their space and you need to give it to them , they will bite and kick defending themselves and the stallions will cause serious injury to protect their harems of Mares and foals.

Never walk up to them always  give them their distance, when driving on the beach make sure you proceed at a safe speed.  Unfortunately some of our precious horses have been hit and killed on the beach and in neighborhoods.  They have the run of the Corolla/Carova area , and it is your responsibility to pay close attention and help protect them . 

Also NEVER feed them anything , the link below is about a wild horse in Assateague that ate dog food that was left unsecured and died.  A preventable Death and tragic loss.


When you go to the beach with all of your creature comforts , remember they are not comforts for the creatures that live there.  

When you leave the beach take all of your stuff you brought with you , including your trash, the tent , the chairs ...everything . 

Those things because death traps to the turtles , birds and other wildlife when you leave them behind.

Also FILL IN ALL HOLES you dig and Flatten sand castles.  Turtles have fallen into holes cannot get back out and die.  Another tragic Loss of human/ wildlife interaction. 

And if you are staying in a home that is on the beach or near it , please keep outside lighting off as it will confuse the turtles coming in for nesting at night.

We want you to Enjoy your time in our special piece of  Paradise , and go home with wonderful memories that will make you visit again and again.  So please take to heart this words I share with you and yours .   

Have a Very Safe Visit !!!

Monday, March 6, 2017

The Elusive Whelk Shells

Anyone that has ever gone beach combing has something special they are searching for ...some it is seaglass ( which I will cover in my next post) or special shells , but most look for perfect whelk shells as their treasure ..These  are pictures of what people do with them ...Me I like the ones not so perfect as my first photo will show ...I love the texture and unknown story behind how that shell became what it is.  I love broken shells I see a beauty in them ...maybe its because I love people who are not perfect in whatever way it is ...and yet I appreciate what they have and are going through...we all have our places on this earth...and all deserve a chance to be happy and made beautiful....

Beachcombing ....why do we do it...??? to save our souls...

You know I really don't know the answer maybe some of you all have figured it out...but there is nothing I like better than to go to the beach particulary after a storm and see what the ocean spit left behind.   Now see lots of people go looking for those perfect shells or the elusive sea glass, beach glass or maybe a heart shaped stone...yes that is something people search for.

Me you know what I go looking will probably not believe is a place where I can go looking for those treasures , broken whelk shells, or half scallops or maybe a purple sand dollar ,,,yup I found one it was beautiful....but alas the pups tried to eat it...

Ummm I digress....I go there because when I have those massive stressful days, weeks and months if I can go walk on the beach , listening to the waves watching the birds and looking for treasures amongst the sand and sea grass ..they all calm me down and remind me how to breath and think and clear the cobwebs from the stress.  I can spend hours when I have them just walking and looking...and collecting...I used to collect tons , but now I have learned to be more selective and only pick pieces I can use in my jewelry or art.  After being on the beach I can go back to the "real"? world and deal with things one more time....

So when you come visit the Outer Banks or you live here ...grab a plastic bag, maybe a camera or sketch book and go for a walk ...turn the cell phone off and leave the watch in the car....and then create something fabulous with your finds or put them in an anti-stress bowl that sits where you can see it and pick them up to go back to the beach in your memory till the next beach combing trip.

Red Shale ....basically little pieces of everything ...great to look  through ....but drive through in 4 wd you might get stuck

Water rippled sand....

this was just the way I found them and left them there only taking a picture

Sanderlings don't mind sharing the beach

there is peace here ...let it in

Waves bringing in new treasures to be found

This is one treasure I wished I could have brought home its so cool but I have great pics

A really good place to look for the special pieces and the rare sea glass

long lazy beaches made to find your sanity and take your stress much better than Calgon

This was a old motorcycle helmet liner that had been in the ocean a long while and ...
Became a home to many little crustaceans ....carpenter shells and elephant ears...

A shipwreck temporarily visible till the next tide covers it up

on my favorite treasures a glass mussel 

Even Broken Shells have beauty and with a little wire a few beads it become a beauty from the sea

I love the pattern the water makes with the shells....

Water's edge is a great place to find the special shells

do you see the treasure here....not the big shell but the beautiful little piece of dark purple wampum hidden by it

even birds are beach combing...for their meals....