Monday, January 14, 2013 of our favorite times of the day

I am not sure exactly how this saying went that I saw ...but it is a Native American saying about when the sun goes down it takes part of your life...well in a way it is the end of the day for most of , unless we are vampires ....which I haven't run into any of those around here.   But there is something very romantic about sitting on a porch with the one you love ...watching the darkness creep in as the goes down and disappears behind that magical horizon.   Couples love to watch sunsets....but even single people especially artists , love this time of the year here on the Outer Banks we have especially beautiful , vibrant amazing colors.   and no two are every when you visit the Outer Banks or  if you live here make time to catch a sunset or two.

sunset reflected on waves

Oregon Inlet bridge

Sunset in Wanchese

Sunset at the point

Sunset at Ramp 4 oregon inlet

Oregon Inlet marina