Tuesday, January 8, 2013


People who come to the Outer Banks know why we call it Paradise, because when you come here there exists a pace of life that is simple, quiet and serene...come here if you want to curl up in a chair with a book, a drink, sun tan lotion and lose yourself in the quiet of the crashing waves...a oxymoron.... I know...But  there is something soothing about the sound of waves...they will lull you to a state of relaxation and balance that we lose in our hectic every day lives. So if you want to party wild and hard go to those other beach resorts , but if you want a place that will allow you to breathe, recharge and find the de-stressing that you need , that we all need in life...then come and find a soft beach and chill....see you there...

A Marsh "island" mystically drawing you in by the softness of a morning fog

Can you imagine sitting in a house surrounded by water, watching the birds and no one can bother you

or losing yourself in the reflections of a morning sun rising on a marsh pond

just taking in the scenery not in a rush to be anywhere

watching the birds converse quietly among themselves as they dry their wings

could this be your dream???

It is a quiet energy here....no where to really be unless you live here year round and work ...but even locals take a break during the off season...and learn to breathe again

or walk on the beach and listen to the waves caress the beach while you watch the birds do their dance with the waves

take a walk , look for shells and treasures , who knows you may find that self of yours you misplaced, the one that knows how to really relax and enjoy life

dance with the waves, remember being a child and playing in them

look for treasures you never know what you might find

Sunrises and Sunsets here are magical ...make sure to take time to see and enjoy

Blue water ....gently rocking back and forth the sound of the waves lulling you to that place to breathe and live in Serenity


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