Monday, January 7, 2013

Water...Water ...Everywhere

 I love the Power of Water , it has such magic .
It can reflect the images around it , it can make things dance in the ripples, it gives life to fish and all manner of creatures ...seen and unseen.  It makes plants, trees and food grow...but here on the Outer Banks its main venue is the ocean and the benefits it provides , fishing recreation, surfing. swimming or peaceful watching of dolphins from a sandy seat with a cold drink.

Fountains are meditative....and ones where you see ripples take you on a journey if you will let it..the rings representing the never ending moments of life.

Oceans can be the same way...stressed, frustrated, had a bad day....find your way to the beach , go for a walk listen to the waves , as they crash or lap at the sandy beaches.  Those same waves deliver treasures to the beach , shells or seaweed bearing treats for the many shore birds.

But we must and here comes my little PSA   make sure we pick up the trash off the beaches to protect our wildlife and oceans.

So take a walk on the Wet side and relax
Fountain at Elizabethan Gardens
ripple of the water dripping into the fountain

Another Water holder ...A big Clay Urn with spooky faces in Bas Relief around it.

I have always been a cloud watcher ...but being able to "freeze" photo water I can now see water pics...This one looks like a ghostly portrait.

look at the largest blob  it looks like a calve...

Falling stars...?

The Big Splash

Thia is the water hitting at the base of  stream

This is the stream it is either a horse dancing or a lion?

this one reminds me of star wars character...

I love the reflective abilities

So magical

and the power of the waves don't scare these birds

but they are strong enough to kill in a rip current so care must be taken when swimming

surfers love  these ...the bigger the better...I love to watch them

Being able to use a camera to catch such power is a wonderful thing

Even Channel Markers can't survive angry seas

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