Saturday, January 5, 2013

Elizabethan Gardens North End of Roanoke Island

Elizabethan Gardens is located on the North End of Roanoke Island and is part of the grounds where the Lost Colony performs during the season , and Fort Raleigh ruins are. It is a beautiful enclosed gardens on the sound and it is a venue that many use for weddings and fund raisers.  I have actually captured a few weddings on film years ago there is as magical as it looks.   Even in the winter time when most gardens are "dead" there is life all around,,, the Camelias are in bloom , many gorgeous varieties , the pansies and swiss chard plantings are bright and cheerful.  There are so many evergreen shrubs that it is a place that allows you to quietly walk and meditate or giggle at the squirrels chasing each other up and down trees.  The sunshine sparkles off the glossy leaves and makes you dream of the past , the present and the future.  Who knows you sit quietly you may see little people or hear the voices of history.

The beautiful Iron Gate
Today I was there and the Gardens was having a sale , so there was lots of activity...I even found a few little treasures to bring home.

A comfortable bench to contemplate Life and Love.

one of the beautiful Christ,as arrangements along the path

The Beautiful fountain  decorated for the holidays...I have shot many wedding photos here.

Another beautiful arrangement

Camelia : Sorry forgot to write down which kind

You will find this one there too
one of the little statuary hidden in the gardens

The Statue of Queen Elizabeth waiting to bid you welcome down the main path

A detail on the back of her dress.

The sunlight  made her look almost alive today
Truly a treasure awaiting to be found in the gardens.

A Paper white in bloom

A water urn...beautiful in its scary little faces

A couple enjoying the beautiful weather today

one of the residents scavenging a meal

decorations for the Christmas Winter Lights  the entrance to the main fountain

Some of the beautiful Sculptures around the Main Fountain

Part of the Christmas Decorations

And this is one of the many lanterns about the gardens...maybe it is there to light your way to an adventure when you come to visit ....I have only touched on the many places ...I didn't enclose photos of the Main Fountain or the ancient live oaks, have to leave something to your imagination ...So whether you live here year round or visit now and then ...this is a place to explore and find your own treasures.


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