Friday, March 1, 2013

Ospreys are returning....

Many people see the black and white birds flying around...and most know they are not sea gulls ...these birds with their distinctive markings , sharp beak and intense facial stucture...I feel are one of the coolest visitors the Outer Banks has every summer.  They come to our area for breeding and stay until the end of summer.  They Winter over in South America , but can be found year round in Florida and Mexico.  They are amazing birds not only in plummage but in personality they are not bothered by humans at all and will nest over and over again in their selected area no matter how encroached upon they are by buildings and growth.   The pictures I am sharing are taken on Roanoke Island in front of the Dare County municipal buildings...the old Pine tree they live in has its own personality.

In the last two days since the female arrived , the nest has been refurbished and increasing its height to about 5 feet high I am guessing and probably would weigh a few hundred pounds. Their nests are all stick built and are sturdy enough to with stand even the wildest of wind storms.

Ospreys are Divers and will dive into water with talons outstretched and capture live fish...they prefer the freshest.  Occasionally they will capture a very large fish that manages to squirm its way out so if you see a big fish in a road someplace it was probably a loss from a osprey or a rogue fish truck.

If you have the opportunity to watch them enjoy they are a great show.

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