Friday, March 15, 2013

A reason to get up early in Paradise...Sunrise

One of the things that many people do when they go on vacation is take the opportunity to sleep in ...

Well this blog entry is to show you proof of why you should get up at least one or two mornings and watched the sunrise as it rises from its nocturnal hiatus.  

There is something magical about the sun coming up and reminding us that we are blessed with another day to enjoy life, love those around us , do something good for those less fortunate...ok enough preaching ...sorry.

Anyway get up one or two days see what happens as the sun rises ....listen to the quietness and then how the birds awaken and sing as the new day begins....

In Ancient Cherokee Religion...Each morning everyone would get up at the darkness right before the sun would rise...sit and make prayers to Grandmother Sun , the giver of Life Force.   Think about it , without the sun how our lives might even cease to exist.  Plants wouldn't grow and without plants to absorb the carbon dioxide and keep our air clean ...we would suffocate.  Grandmother Sun is vital in all areas of our life, not sure of that ...think how you feel physically and emotionally when it is cloudy and dreary ,,,especially if it lasts
for more than a couple of days.

So enjoy these photos I took last week of a Sunrise here in Paradise, they were taken on the waterfront of Manteo, NC on Roanoke Island.

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