Monday, June 10, 2013

Fishing Piers....Avon Pier Sunrise

What is it that makes us love the OLD fishing piers???   The winding wood and wonky walkways just make us reminisce of all the fishermen and tourists that have walked that path taking us just a little bit further out to sea.  We can do this simply by walking , not getting in a boat or taking a surfboard, or in today's time a Paddle board.  We can pay a dollar to take a tourist walk and hope that we get to see dolphins, maybe whales but just to stand on the collection of wood and bolts.   Its magical if you have never walked on a Old Fishing Pier , take a walk on the sea side there is a soul feeling of hope when you are there.  Hope that you can see dolphins , or maybe you paid a little more and brought your fishing gear and plan on trying to catch dinner that day, that is your hope. 

But to just walk out and look at the vast sea to the Horizon and beyond, allows you to hope that the world may be big , but that you can be and do anything you want...there are no limits...just walk a longer pier in your life.

So enjoy these pictures I took at Avon Pier as the sun rose and broke through the clouds...the constant action of the waves working to get to the beach, bringing treasures from the deep.   It was a beautiful semi-calm day at 5 am ...but as the sun crept above the horizons our day began , and the birds awoke, the fishermen came to try their luck for the day.

So take a walk on the Sea Side ....there are many great old fishing piers on the Outer Banks...

Kitty Hawk Pier
Avalon Pier
Nags Head Pier
Outer Banks Pier
Rodanthe Pier
Avon Pier

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