Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Kite Boarders Unite ....June 1 to June 7,,,


Wow what an opportunity to experience a breath taking sport, if you have never actually stood and watched Kite Boarders on the water , this is the week to do so in Beautiful Don't sneeze you will miss it Waves, NC.

The 2013 Real Triple S Invitational is bringing some of the Best Kite Boarders in the world to our little piece of Paradise. Be there and enjoy the skills and endurance to fly across the water at unbelieveable speeds to jump , twist and fly.

When you see a group of them on the water with their colorful kites, against the blue skies dancing in the winds of the sound ...you can't help but be mesmerized, and even begin to think that you too would love to try this.

And this area is the perfect place to try it ...there are so many schools down there with expert teachers to assist you in gaining the skill and knowledge you need to enjoy one of the most intriguing water sports ever.

Below are some links to some sites that will assist you in discovering more..




Photos by Lorri Lee Keck-Chambers  taken at the Haul over in Hatteras

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