Friday, December 27, 2013

One Year ago .....I started this blog...5999 hits and 72 posts ago

One year ago December 31, 2012 I started this blog to share my love of the Outer Banks and photography and in that year I have shot hundreds of photos on this amazing adventure I started and will here is a collection of photos one from each post I have posted for visitors and locals alike to enjoy.....

p.s.  I have friends  who are professional photographers who aspire to help me be a better presenter of my photographs which is really art to me...and I truly do try and curtail the enthusiasm of my life, but I have always been one to be over the top on things and I feel the more I share the more people will really want to come here and experience paradise on their own.  I have developed a sense of self to make sure the photographs I do share are clear, in focus and of importance, at least to me. So thank you all who care about this journey I am on, please keep making suggestions , but remember ultimately I am the one who is on the path , and it is truly is a place of beauty, adventure and living spirit.