Saturday, April 20, 2013

Pea Island Art Gallery

I visited a beautiful gallery today, over flowing with spirited works of art so full of soul and displayed in an amazing building that allows light to flow in the gallery making everything  glow.  Pea Island Art Gallery  is located in Salvo on the Sound on  Highway 12 , just before you start down the road to Avon,,,on your right, can't miss it . And you really don't want to...they showcase more artists in one space and such a wonderful variety as you will see in the photos.  From Pottery to Art Quilts to Wood ware to Paintings, photos, jewelry the list goes on .  And some of the cutest little sculptures (the Birds and Rabbits,etc)  Ellen Berg Hand carved  Bird Sculptures, exquisite  Art Quilt pins by Elaine Williams, and more...I wish I could include everyone but there would be no room for pictures.   So check out my photos and I know you will see something that will make want you to stop by and see the treasure that awaits you .     Buy Art!!!.

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  1. Thank you ...I truly appreciate it and I love the opportunities to share such amazing artists and galleries as well as other special places here on the Outer Banks.