Monday, March 6, 2017

A Bird in the Sand not necessarily a gull...Outer Banks Shore Birds ...Time to watch the birds

The Outer Banks is known as a place to see birds...I have included photos of ones I have seen lately to help you grasp  who and what you are looking at.
Pelicans the clowns of the sea but probably the most beloved next to the Sanderlings
Our beaches are home to the Brown Pelicans the only ones known to dive from high to hunt...

 These are called Juvenile Godwits...funny looking little birds who love to have fun.

These are Sanderlings....the cute little shore birds that make everyone go awwwww

Gulls waiting for their feast

Sanderlings playing in the Surf

The famous Oystercatcher

 Ring Billed Gull
not sure but this is either a immature ring bill gull or a herring gull

I have waited a very long time to catch a bird flight photo like this
Yes Seagulls do have attitude!!!

Getting ready for take off...

Another flight photo this guy seems to be saying I see you

Lesser Black Backed Gulls. these are one of  the biggest ones I have seen , I call this picture "Outer Banks Nuns"

If you are a bird expert and or no different than what I have here ...please help ...thank you

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