Monday, March 2, 2015

Outer Banks Paradise ...Relax on our Soft Beaches

I love the Outer Banks and I miss the rare moments I did get in my 15 years to enjoy everything , but especially Nature and the beautiful walks on the beach...but for people who want to go shelling and find beautiful shells....go sound side in Hatteras , my favorite place is the beach are in Canadian Hole....found beautiful Olive shells, whelks and other treasures there.  So check it out ....and good wildlife photo moments besides Pea Island is the pull off area as you got into Hatteras Light house.  Have fun

I worked for a few years as a wedding and family photographer..and now I enjoy taking photographs of the beauty that surrounds us here in the Outer Banks, from the Marsh Houses to the birds to the crashing waves.
These are just some simple local shots of the beauty of the Outer Banks , and  to all the little hidden places people really should visit but don't often do because they just aren't sure it is worth it....

I love walking on the beach ...ultimate beach combers dream ...and enjoy watching the waves, the birds, especially the pelicans and the shell treasures waiting to be either picked up and enjoyed or made into art or photographed and left for someone else to find. 

The Outer Banks is so big and people just aren't sure , especially first time visitors where to go , some of us have secret spots that we love to go to ...who knows they may get shared on here.

So now that you are planning on visiting us (I was one of you for 20 years till I moved here in 1999), contact me and I will be happy to help you set up an itinerary of places to visit and enjoy.

Just click on the first photo and you can see them in slide show...have any questions about where to visit when you come to or post a comment and I will find out what you want to know.  I know lots of really fun places , good for shelling , birdwatching and more...

Plan on relaxing , de-stressing and enjoying Paradise to its fullest on a soft beach with a good book, and a cool drink.


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